NPC Standing Committee Schedules Major Legislations for 2017

The 12th NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) today finally released its much-anticipated legislative and supervisory plans for 2017. Here we will focus on the legislative plan, leaving the supervisory plan for another blog post. According to the 2017 legislative plan, a total of 23 legislative projects are tentatively scheduled (as the plan is subject to change) for the remaining four NPCSC sessions this year, with dozens more listed as preparatory projects. Among them, there is certainly no lack of blockbuster legislations, whether relating to China’s judicial reform, anti-corruption drive, environmental protection, or economic and social development in general.

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NPCSC Solicits Public Comments on Draft Laws: Dec. 26, 2016 (UPDATED)

Dec. 27, 2016 Update: The deadline has been extended.

The NPCSC has released the following draft laws for public comments until January 26, 2017.

  1. General Provisions of the Civil Code (Third Deliberation Draft) (民法总则草案三次审议稿)
  2. Amendment to the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law (Draft) (水污染防治法修正案草案)
  3. E-Commerce Law (Draft) (电子商务法草案)

All links are to PDF files, and all files are in Chinese only. Links to other formats will be added if and when they become available.

Please refer to this post for ways to comment on these legislations. Click here to submit comments online.

The NPCSC also reviewed a draft National Intelligence Law at its last session, but we are not optimistic about the prospect of its being released for public comments.

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25th Session Watch Pt. 1: NPCSC to Consider E-Commerce Law and Several Reform Authorizations

The 12th NPCSC will convene for its next session, which will be the last one in 2016, from December 19 to 25, the Council of Chairmen decided on Monday. The Council also proposed a preliminary agenda for the 25th Session, which features six legislative bills, three authorizations of reforms, and several items pertaining to next year’s NPC plenary session and the upcoming 13th NPC. As usual, in the first part of this installment of Session Watch, we’ll take a look at the agenda of the upcoming session.

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