This page collects the explanatory materials we have published that introduce particular aspects of the NPC’s institution or workings and that are not inextricably tied to any specific past event or legislation. Explainers of specific legislation can be found on the relevant bill pages. This page also links to external blogs and websites that we frequently reference in our work.

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News, Translations & Commentary

  • China Law Translate: a website created and maintained by Jeremy Daum that translates Chinese legal authorities and provides original commentary and analysis on Chinese legal developments. [Disclosure: we occasionally contribute to China Law Translate and frequently link to its translations on this site.]
  • China IPR [中国知识产权]: a blog by Mark Cohen that focuses on Chinese intellectual property law.
  • Supreme People’s Court Monitor [最高人民法院观察]: a blog by Susan Finder that focuses on China’s highest court.
  • The China Collection: a blog created by Donald Clarke where a group of scholars write on Chinese law, politics, economy, and other matters.

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