Legislation: 14th NPC

The list below is not the 14th NPC’s official legislative agenda. See notes for details.

Last updated: March 12, 2023

  • The 14th NPC and its Standing Committee (NPCSC) have begun their five-year term in March 2023. Their five-year legislative plan is not expected to be released until fall 2023, however, so for now, this page lists the following four categories of legislative projects:
  • These legislative projects are placed in two groups: “new laws” and “amendments & revisions.” Within each group, completed projects (🟢) are listed first, followed by pending projects (🟠). Projects on which State Council agencies have conducted public consultations are each marked with a blue circle (🔵). Projects that appeared only in the 13th NPCSC’s annual legislative plans are given a special notation, the dagger symbol (†).
  • We will add any new project in the NPCSC’s 2023 legislative plan to the list once it is released, likely in late April.

New Laws

🟠Value-Added Tax Law增值税法
🟠Civil Compulsory Enforcement Law民事强制执行法
🟠Rural Collective Economic Organizations Law农村集体经济组织法
🟠Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Ecological Conservation Law青藏高原生态保护法
🟠Barrier-Free Environments Development Law无障碍环境建设法
🟠Foreign Relations Law对外关系法
🟠Financial Stability Law金融稳定法
🟠Foreign Sovereign Immunity Law外国国家豁免法
🔵Real Property Registration Law不动产登记法
Integrated Military and Civilian Development Law军民融合发展法
🔵Preschool Education Law学前教育法
🔵Cultural Industry Promotion Law文化产业促进法
Antarctic Activities and Environmental Protection Law南极活动与环境保护法
🔵Consumption Tax Law消费税法
Real Estate Tax Law房地产税法
Tariff Law关税法
🔵Atomic Energy Law原子能法
Law on Ensuring Food Security粮食安全保障法
🔵Social Assistance Law社会救助法
Basic Law of the Sea海洋基本法
🔵Detention Center Law看守所法
Territorial Space Development and Protection Law国土空间开发保护法
🔵Energy Law能源法
Telecommunications Law电信法
🔵National Parks Law国家公园法
Space Law航天法
Aviation Law航空法
 Lotteries Law彩票法
 🔵Hazardous Chemicals Safety Law危险法学品安全法
 Pharmacists Law药师法
🔵Healthcare Security Law医疗保障法
 🔵Farmland Protection Law耕地保护法
 Law on Ensuring the Operation of State Organs机关运行保障法
 Law on the National Comprehensive Fire and Rescue Force and Its Personnel国家综合性消防救援队伍和人员法
 Cybercrime Prevention and Control Law网络犯罪防治法

Amendments & Revisions

* Method of modification not yet known

🟢Legislation Law (Amendment)立法法(修正)
🟠Administrative Reconsideration Law (Revision)行政复议法(修订)
🟠Emergency Response and Management Law
Emergency Response Law (Revision)
🟠Company Law (Revision)公司法(修订)
🟠Enterprise Bankruptcy Law (Revision)企业破产法(修订)
🟠Counterespionage Law (Revision)反间谍法(修订)
🟠Marine Environmental Protection Law (Revision)海洋环境保护法(修订)
🟠Charity Law (Revision)慈善法(修订)
🟠Administrative Litigation Law (Amendment)行政诉讼法(修正)
State Council Organic Law (Revision)国务院组织法(修订)
Officers in Active Service Law现役军官法*
🔵Public Security Administrative Punishments Law (Revision)治安管理处罚法(修订)
🔵Cultural Relics Protection Law (Revision)文物保护法(修订)
🔵Tax Collection Administration Law (Revision)税收征收管理法(修订)
🔵Railway Law (Revision)铁路法(修订)
🔵Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Revision)传染病防治法(修订)
 Frontier Health and Quarantine Law (Revision)国境卫生检疫法(修订)
 Exit-Entry Animals and Plants Quarantine Law (Amendment)进出境动植物检疫法(修正)
🔵Urban Community Residents’ Committees Organic Law
Urban Residents’ Committees Organic Law (Revision)
🔵Villagers’ Committees Organic Law (Revision)村民委员会组织法(修订)
 Law on the Oversight by the Standing Committees of People’s Congresses at All Levels各级人民代表大会常务委员会监督法*
🔵Commercial Banks Law (Revision)商业银行法(修订)
🔵Maritime Law (Revision)海商法(修订)
 Civil Air Defense Law人民防空法*
🔵People’s Police Law (Revision)人民警察法(修订)
🔵Road Traffic Safety Law (Revision)道路交通安全法(修订)
 Lawyers Law (Revision)律师法(修订)
🔵Teachers Law (Revision)教师法(修订)
🔵Academic Degrees Law
Academic Degrees Regulations (Revision)
 Urban Real Estate Administration Law城市房地产管理法*
 Environmental Impact Assessment Law环境影响评价法*
 Meteorology Law气象法*
🔵Law on the People’s Bank of China (Revision)中国人民银行法(修订)
🔵Mineral Resources Law (Revision)矿产资源法(修订)
 Electricity Law (Revision)电力法(修订)
 Grassland Law草原法*
🔵Fisheries Law (Revision)渔业法(修订)
 Product Quality Law (Revision)产品质量法(修订)
🔵Metrology Law (Revision)计量法(修订)
🔵Statistics Law (Amendment)统计法(修正)
🔵Civil Aviation Law (Revision)民用航空法(修订)
 Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly老年人权益保障法*
🔵Arbitration Law (Revision)仲裁法(修订)
 Prisons Law监狱法*
🔵Insurance Law (Amendment)保险法(修正)
🔵Anti–Unfair Competition Law (Revision)反不正当竞争法(修订)
🔵Accounting Law (Revision)会计法(修订)
 National Defense Education Law国防教育法*