Bilingual State Council Organizational Chart

The following chart, derived from information on the State Council’s website, reflects the current structure of the State Council after its March 2018 reorganization. Official English names are used where available. An explanation of the various types of bodies under the State Council (except the General Office) can be found here; the deliberation and coordination agencies aren’t listed below because they are legion and change more frequently than other types of entities. Download the chart as a PDF.

A few notes on the shorthands used in the chart below and their corresponding Chinese expressions:

  • A对外保留B牌子 → A is “externally akaB;
  • AB加挂牌子 → A has its “functions performed” by B;
  • AB一个机构两块牌子 → A is the “same asB (A is a State entity whereas B is a Party entity);
  • A加挂B牌子 → A is “akaB (A and B are both State entities).

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