NPC Calendar: August 2023

Here is our recap of NPC-related events in August 2023 at our monthly newsletter.

The NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) is seeking public comment on a draft Criminal Law Amendment (XII) [刑法修正案(十二)] through August 24.

The 14th NPCSC will convene for its 5th session in late August. The Council of Chairpersons is expected to meet in mid-August to decide on the agenda and dates of the session.

According to the NPCSC’s 2023 legislative work plan, the following bills will return for further review:

The NPCSC is likely to extend a pilot program allowing eligible lawyers licensed in Hong Kong or Macao to practice mainland law in nine Guangdong cities after passing a special bar exam. It is also expected to review one or more additional bills at its upcoming session.

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  1. I think it’s important to point out that the non-mainland lawyers still cannot practice criminal law. When they can do that, it will be a sign that HK and Macau have been completely incorporated into the mainland, but for now lawyers from there are still not considered sufficiently under the control of mainland authorities to be trusted with the insight into the system that criminal defense provides.

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