Law on Ensuring Food Security

Law of the People’s Republic of China on Ensuring Food Security

[Current Text: not yet enacted]

  • Status: Pending
  • Legislative Body (Vote): NPCSC (TBD)
  • Principal Drafters: National Development and Reform Commission & National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration
  • Submitter: State Council
  • Legislative Plans
    • Five-year: 11th NPCSC Category I; 12th NPCSC Category I; 13th NPCSC Category I; 14th NPCSC Category I
    • Annual: 2013 (backup), 2014 (backup), 2015 (backup), 2016 (backup), 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Legislative History & Text
  • Legislative Records
    • Explanation (June 26, 2023)
    • Report on Status of Revision (pending)
    • Report on Results of Deliberation (pending)
    • Report on Suggestions for Revision (pending)
    • Presidential Order (pending)

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