Legislation: 13th NPC

13th NPC Standing Committee Legislative Plan

Last updated: August 28, 2019


  1. This page is a restyled version of the 13th NPC Standing Committee’s five-year legislative plan, listing only its numbered projects (i.e., Classes I and II projects). Also listed are any other bills that the 13th NPC or its Standing Committee passed after two or more rounds of deliberation (i.e., “unlisted projects”). We organized these projects and bills into two groups—“new laws” and “amendments & revisions”—and within each group, Class I, Class II, and unlisted projects form separate subgroups.
  2. Within each subgroup, completed projects () are listed first, followed by pending () projects and then projects that have yet to be submitted for deliberation. Projects on which the State Council has solicited public comments are each marked with a blue triangle ().
  3. We have created an individual wiki page for each completed and pending project. We will do so for other projects in due course. On the wiki pages, “TBR” stands for “to be released,” and votes are listed in the order of “for–abstain–against” (or “for–against” if there were no abstentions).

Table of Contents

New Laws

Class I Projects

Supervision Law监察法
People’s Assessors Law人民陪审员法
Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law英雄烈士保护法
E-Commerce Law电子商务法
Foreign Investment Law外商投资法
Law on the Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution土壤污染防治法
Resource Tax Law资源税法
Farmland Occupancy Tax Law耕地占用税法
Vehicle Acquisition Tax Law车辆购置税法
International Criminal Justice Assistance Law国际刑事司法协助法
Separate Parts of the Civil Code (Civil Code Compilation)民法典分编(民法典编纂)
Law on Governmental Sanctions for Public Employees
Governmental Sanctions Law
Community Corrections Law社区矫正法
Basic Healthcare and Health Promotion Law基本医疗卫生与健康促进法
Encryption Law密码法
 Real Property Registration Law不动产登记法
 Integrated Military and Civilian Development Law军民融合发展法
 Preschool Education Law学前教育法
Cultural Industry Promotion Law文化产业促进法
 Antarctic Activities and Environmental Protection Law南极活动与环境保护法
 Yangtze River Protection Law长江保护法
Export Control Law出口管制法
 Value-Added Tax Law增值税法
 Consumption Tax Law消费税法
 Real Estate Tax Law房地产税法
 Tariffs Law关税法
Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax Law城市维护建设税法
 Deed Tax Law契税法
Stamp Tax Law印花税法
Atomic Energy Law原子能法
 Personal Information Protection Law个人信息保护法
 Data Security Law数据安全法
 Law on Ensuring Grain Security粮食安全保障法
 Social Assistance Law社会救助法
 Criminal Law Amendment (XI)刑法修正案(十一)

Class II Projects

 Basic Law of the Sea海洋基本法
 Supervisors Law监察官法
 Futures Law期货法
 Rural Revitalization Promotion Law乡村振兴促进法
Detention Center Law看守所法
 Territorial Space Development and Protection Law国土空间开发保护法
 Energy Law能源法
 Telecommunications Law电信法
 National Parks Law国家公园法
 Space Law航天法
 Aviation Law航空法
 Veterans Protection Law退役军人保障法
 Legal Aid Law法律援助法
 Civil Compulsory Enforcement Law民事强制执行法

Unlisted Projects

Regulations on Fire and Rescue Ranks消防救援衔条例
Vaccine Administration Law疫苗管理法

Amendments & Revisions

*Method of modification not yet known

Class I Projects

Constitutional Amendment宪法修正案
Individual Income Tax Law (Amendment)个人所得税法(修正)
People’s Courts Organic Law (Revision)人民法院组织法(修订)
People’s Procuratorates Organic Law (Revision)人民检察院组织法(修订)
Judges Law (Revision)法官法(修订)
Procurators Law (Revision)检察官法(修订)
Rural Land Contracting Law (Amendment)农村土地承包法(修正)
Civil Servants Law (Revision)公务员法(修订)
Drug Administration Law (Revision)药品管理法(修订)
Land Management Law (Amendment)土地管理法(修正)
Criminal Procedure Law (Amendment)刑事诉讼法(修正)
Patent Law (Amendment)专利法(修正)
Securities Law (Revision)证券法(修订)
Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste (Revision)固体废物污染环境防治法(修订)
Forest Law (Revision)森林法(修订)
 National People’s Congress Organic Law全国人民代表大会组织法*
 National People’s Congress Rules of Procedure全国人民代表大会议事规则*
 NPC Standing Committee Rules of Procedure全国人民代表大会常务委员会议事规则*
 Organic Law of Local People’s Congresses at All Levels and Local People’s Governments at All Levels地方各级人民代表大会和地方各级人民政府组织法*
 State Council Organic Law国务院组织法*
Copyright Law (Revision)著作权法(修订)
 Administrative Penalties Law行政处罚法*
 Administrative Reconsideration Law行政复议法*
 Archives Law档案法*
 Military Service Law兵役法*
 Officers in Active Service Law现役军官法*
 People’s Armed Police Law人民武装警察法*
Public Security Administrative Penalties Law (Revision)治安管理处罚法(修订)
Cultural Relics Protection Law (Revision)文物保护法(修订)
 Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution环境噪声污染防治法*
Tax Collection Administration Law (Revision)税收征收管理法(修订)
Maritime Traffic Safety Law (Revision)海上交通安全法(修订)
Railway Law (Revision)铁路法(修订)
Agricultural Products Quality Safety Law (Revision)农产品质量安全法(修订)
 Minors Protection Law (Revision)未成年人保护法(修订)
 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Law预防未成年人犯罪法*
 Workplace Safety Law安全生产法*

Class II Projects

 Urban Residents’ Committees Organic Law城市居民委员会组织法*
 Villagers’ Committees Organic Law村民委员会组织法*
 Law on the Oversight by the Standing Committees of People’s Congresses at All Levels各级人民代表大会常务委员会监督法*
 Company Law公司法*
 Commercial Banks Law商业银行法*
 Enterprise Bankruptcy Law企业破产法*
Maritime Law (Revision)海商法(修订)
 Civil Air Defense Law人民防空法*
People’s Police Law (Revision)人民警察法(修订)
 Road Traffic Safety Law道路交通安全法*
 Lawyers Law律师法*
 Vocational Education Law职业教育法*
 Academic Degrees Regulations学位条例*
 Scientific and Technological Progress Law科学技术进步法*
 Sports Law体育法*
 Practicing Physicians Law执业医师法*
 Urban Real Estate Administration Law城市房地产管理法*
 Environmental Impact Assessment Law环境影响评价法*
 Meteorology Law气象法*
 Anti-Monopoly Law反垄断法*
 People’s Bank of China Law中国人民银行法*
 Mineral Resources Law矿产资源法*
 Electricity Law电力法*
 Grassland Law草原法*
Fisheries Law (Revision)渔业法(修订)
 Animal Epidemic Prevention Law动物防疫法*
 Product Quality Law产品质量法*
Metrology Law (Revision)计量法(修订)
Audit Law (Revision)审计法(修订)
 Statistics Law统计法*
Civil Aviation Law (Revision)民用航空法(修订)
 Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly老年人权益保障法*
 Arbitration Law仲裁法*

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