Archive: Solicitations of Public Comments on Draft Laws by NPCSC

This page is an archive of all solicitations of public comments on draft laws by the NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) since October 2016 (when we started this Blog).


  1. The entries are listed reverse chronologically.
  2. The newest version of each draft law still pending is marked red, while its earlier version(s) (if any) are marked orange.
  3. Draft laws in default color have been passed.
  4. Ordinal numbers only refer to publicly available versions of each draft law that have been released by the NPCSC.
  5. All draft laws are available in Chinese (“ZH”) and as PDFs only. Unofficial English translations (“EN”) are linked when available.



  • Basic Healthcare and Health Promotion Law (2nd Draft) 基本医疗卫生与健康促进法 (ZH)
  • Civil Servants Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 公务员法(修订)(ZH)
  • Drug Administration Law (Amendment, 1st Draft) 药品管理法(修正) (ZH)
  • Rural Land Contracting Law (Amendment, 2nd Draft) 农村土地承包法(修正) (ZH)


  • Separate Parts of the Civil Code (1st Draft) 民法典各分编 (ZH)
  • Criminal Procedure Law (Amendment, 2nd Draft) 刑事诉讼法(修正)(ZH)
  • Vehicle Acquisition Tax Law (1st Draft) 车辆购置税法 (ZH)
  • Farmland Occupancy Tax Law (1st Draft) 耕地占用税法 (ZH)
  • Regulations on Fire and Rescue Ranks of Integrated Fire and Rescue Teams (1st Draft) 综合性消防救援队伍消防救援衔条例 (ZH)


  • E-Commerce Law (3rd Draft) 电子商务法 (ZH)
  • Individual Income Tax Law (Amendment, 1st Draft) 个人所得税法(修正)(ZH)
  • People’s Courts Organic Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 人民法院组织法(修订)(ZHEN)
  • People’s Procuratorates Organic Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 人民检察院组织法(修订)(ZH | EN)


  • Criminal Procedure Law (Amendment, 1st Draft) 刑事诉讼法(修正)(ZH | EN)



  1. Procurators Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 检察官法(修订) (ZH | EN)
  2. Judges Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 法官法(修订) (ZH | EN)
  3. People’s Assessors Law (1st Draft) 人民陪审员法 (ZH | EN)
  4. International Criminal Justice Assistance Law (1st Draft) 国际刑事司法协助法 (ZH)
  5. Basic Healthcare and Health Promotion Law (1st Draft) 基本医疗卫生与健康促进法 (ZH)
  6. Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law (1st Draft) 英雄烈士保护法 (ZH | EN)
  7. Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law (2nd Draft) 土壤污染防治法 (ZH)


  1. Supervision Law (1st Draft) 监察法 (ZH | EN)
  2. E-Commerce Law (2nd Draft) 电子商务法 (ZH)
  3. Rural Land Contract Law (Amendment, 1st Draft) 农村土地承包法(修正) (ZH)
  4. Vessel Tonnage Tax Law (1st Draft) 船舶吨位税法 (ZH)


  1. People’s Courts Organic Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 人民法院组织法(修订) (ZH | EN)
  2. People’s Procuratorates Organic Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 人民检察院组织法(修订) (ZH | EN)
  3. Anti-Unfair Competition Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 反不正当竞争法(修订) (ZH | EN)
  4. Standardization Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 标准化法(修订) (ZH)
  5. Tobacco Leaf Tax Law (1st Draft) 烟叶税法 (ZH)


  1. Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law (1st Draft) 土壤污染防治法 (ZH | EN)
  2. Public Libraries Law (1st Draft) 公共图书馆法 (ZH)
  3. National Anthem Law (1st Draft) 国歌法 (ZH | EN)
  4. Specialized Farmers’ Cooperatives Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 农民专业合作社法(修订)(ZH)
  5. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 中小企业促进法(修订)(ZH)


  1. Standardization Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 标准化法(修订)(ZH)
  2. Nuclear Safety Law (2nd Draft) 核安全法 (ZH)
  3. National Intelligence Law (1st Draft) 国家情报法 (ZH | EN)


  • Anti-Unfair Competition Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 反不正当竞争法(修订)(ZH | EN)



  1. General Provisions of the Civil Law (3rd Draft) 民法总则 (ZH)
  2. Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law (Amendment; 1st Draft) 水污染防治法(修正)(ZH)
  3. E-Commerce Law (1st Draft) 电子商务法 (ZH)


  1. Nuclear Safety Law (1st Draft) 核安全法 (ZH)
  2. Law on Ensuring Public Cultural Services (2nd Draft) 公共文化服务保障法 (ZH)
  3. Surveying and Mapping Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 测绘法(修订)(ZH)
  4. Red Cross Society Law (Revision, 2nd Draft) 红十字会法(修订)(ZH)
  5. General Provisions of the Civil Law (2nd Draft) 民法总则 (ZH)
  6. Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Promotion Law (Revision, 1st Draft) 中小企业促进法(修订)(ZH)