NPC Calendar: February 2023

The 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will convene for its Second Plenum late this month. The Plenum is expected to propose nominees for senior leadership positions within key state institutions and to refer them to the 1st session of the 14th NPC (due to convene on March 5, 2023). The Plenum will also likely adopt a reorganization plan for the State Council, which would be submitted to the 1st session of the 14th NPC for review.

The 13th NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) will convene for its 39th—and final—regularly scheduled session late this month. The Council of Chairpersons is expected to meet in mid-February to decide on the agenda and dates of the session.

The NPCSC will mostly make preparations for the 2023 NPC session at its upcoming meeting, including by certifying the results of the recently concluded elections of delegates to the 14th NPC, but it is still likely to review one or two legislative bills. Possible candidates include the draft revision to the Counterespionage Law [反间谍法] and the draft Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Ecological Conservation Law [青藏高原生态保护法].

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