NPCSC Releases Wildlife and Tibetan Plateau Legislation for Public Comments, But Withholds Draft Counterespionage Law

The NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) is soliciting public comments on the following bills through October 1, 2022:

Draft NameChinese TextExplanatory Document
Wild Animals Protection Law (2nd Draft Revision)
Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Ecological Conservation Law (Draft)

English translations will be provided if and when available. All explanatory documents are in Chinese. The NPCSC also reviewed a draft revision to the Counterespionage Law [反间谍法] at this week’s session, but did not release it for public comments today.

To submit comments online, please refer to this guide. The “职业” (Occupations) dropdown menu for the draft revision to the Wild Animals Protection Law includes these non-default options: “国家机关” (state organs); “企业” (enterprises); “养殖户” (livestock farmers); “学校和研究机构” (schools and research institutions); “社会组织” (social organizations); and “其他” (other).

Comments can also be mailed to the NPCSC Legislative Affairs Commission [全国人大常委会法制工作委员会] at the following address:

北京市西城区前门西大街1号 邮编: 100805
No. 1 West Qianmen Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing 100805

Please clearly write “<Draft Name in Chinese>征求意见” on the envelope.

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