NPC Calendar: October 2022

The NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) is soliciting public comments on a draft revision to the Wild Animals Protection Law [野生动物保护法] and on a draft Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Ecological Conservation Law [青藏高原生态保护法] through October 1.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opens on October 16; it will elect the 20th Central Committee. The day after the Party Congress closes, the new Central Committee will meet for its First Plenum to select members of the next Politburo (among other positions). The second- or third-ranking member of the new Politburo Standing Committee is expected to become the Chairperson of the 14th NPCSC next spring.

The 13th NPCSC is expected to convene for its 37th session shortly after October 23, when the First Plenum is expected to close. The Council of Chairpersons will likely meet immediately after the National Day holiday (ending on October 7) or after the final plenum of the outgoing 19th Central Committee (expected to end on October 12) to decide on the agenda and dates of the session.

The session is expected to review the following bills:

It is also likely to review a draft revision to the Administrative Reconsideration Law [行政复议法]. The draft revision to the Company Law [公司法] and the draft Emergency Response and Management Law [突发事件应对管理法] may return for further review as well.

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