NPC Calendar: April 2018

The 13th NPC Standing Committee (NPCSC) is expected to convene its second session[*] in late April. The Council of Chairmen is expected to meet in mid-April to decide on the dates and agenda of the session. The Council is also expected to approve the NPCSC’s 2018 legislative and oversight plans at this meeting. These plans will then likely be released in late April or early May.

The following draft laws may be included in the upcoming session’s agenda (the months when they were last reviewed by the NPCSC are given in parentheses):

  1. People’s Courts Organic Law (Revision) (August 2017) 人民法院组织法(修订)
  2. People’s Procuratorate Organic Law (Revision) (August 2017) 人民检察院组织法(修订)
  3. Rural Land Contracting Law (Amendment) (October 2017) 农村土地承包法(修正)
  4. Securities Law (Revision) (April 2017) 证券法(修订)
  5. Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law (December 2017) 土壤污染防治法
  6. E-Commerce Law (October 2017) 电子商务法
  7. Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law (December 2017) 英雄烈士保护法

[*] It convened its first session on March 21, the day after the 1st Session of the 13th NPC ended. At that session, the 13th NPCSC appointed several deputy Secretaries General, the director of its Budgetary Affairs Commission, the chairman of its Hong Kong and Macau Basic Law Committees, as well as the Vice Chairmen and members of the State Supervision Commission.

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