24th Session Watch Pt. 2: China Set to Pass New Cybersecurity Law (UPDATED)

Update: China Law Translate has posted the full text of the 3rd Draft with English translation.

Confirming your author’s prior suspicion, the character “等” in the press release mentioned in Part I did signify an additional item on the agenda of this NPCSC session. According to the official agenda of the 24th Session released on Monday and related news reports, the draft Cybersecurity Law has also been submitted to this Session for its third reading, and the NPC Law Committee has recommended that this Session pass the law. Therefore, it’s almost certain that, by the end of the 8-day session, the Cybersecurity Law will be a new addition to the Chinese legal system.

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The Birth of a Blog

It’s been a while since your author had the idea of starting a blog dedicated to writing about China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) and its Standing Committee (NPCSC). Here it is, finally.

The first post will be on the upcoming session of the 12th NPCSC. Then in the coming weeks, this Blog will begin posting a series of articles on the 12th NPCSC’s five-year legislative plan, which will also appear on China Law Translate. Other ideas for blog posts currently include an exploration of the impact of the NPCSC’s law enforcement inspections on the laws inspected. In the meantime, your author will try to post some useful resources such as the NPCSC’s legislative plans on the Blog once your author become more familiarized with WordPress’s functionalities.

Also in the coming weeks, your author expects to further adjust the appearances of this Blog, and may even obtain a custom domain name for this Blog. After all, the Blog is still at a very early stage and things are just getting started.

Session Watch: The 24th Session of the 12th NPCSC

To the (nonexistent) readers of this Blog: Welcome to the first installment of Session Watch, a future regular series featured on this Blog. Or at least as regular as the NPCSC sessions will be. Starting with the 24th Session of the 12th NPCSC, this Blog will cover each session in one or more posts, mostly on the agenda of each session and any related legislative activities.

Yesterday (October 18, 2016), the Chairmen’s Council of the 12th NPCSC convened to set the date for the upcoming Standing Committee Session, and proposed a preliminary agenda subject to the approval of the plenary session.

Basic Takeaways from the Press Release

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